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About us

A little about what INKGRID is and does

We are happy to see you here… Inkgrid was born out of obsession and passion for creativity and design. We wanted to serve your design taste in a better way by creating, curating and suggesting best possible products for you to relish on. We knew the hardship for this differentiation in market as there were set standards and protocols for creativity driving this market but we feel creativity and design is not business ; it’s a way of life. We were soon to rebel all the established honchos just to do something better for you. We are working hard to present you the best possible products in the best possible method hoping one day you will become a part of this journey.

One key idea behind Inkgrid was to bring to the front one of the most neglected section of Indian workforce which is craftsman, artisan and in general Indian art and handicraft industry. India has a rich cultural diversity and equally rich artistic diversity. Our effort is to put these artistic values on a global map and make indigenous products not only part of your home but homes across globe. To achieve this we work closely with many artisan communities and family across different states of India like MP, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, UP, Jharkhand, Nagaland, Assam, Pondicherry, Karnataka and more. We are based out of New Delhi, India and have small units across all major cities.

Our service

Here is a little secret, we are working on few crazy things in photos and printing technology. Inkgrid will offer these services after successful testing. The services are directed to people getting married, just married couples and marriage anniversary occasion. If you know of someone and want to surprise them just send us an email on info@inkgrid.com with the subject line “Grid Art”.

Our partners

We have partnered with some of the best and leading designers, manufacturer and brands from India, China, USA, Germany, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, France and more. At the same time quite a good number of products are sourced or co created with India artisan communities and families spread in various states across India.

If creativity is your forte and you design products, paintings or any unique form of art and craft , we will love to work with you. Our partner scheme helps you to place your art and photographs for sale. You just work on great art and we will ensure your art finds the right wall. Please write to us at sourcing@inkgrid.com. Spread the word to people you know who may be interested.

Our promise to you

We want you to enjoy using Inkgrid. For us you are the priority. For that reason we individually check the quality of each product we send. We ensure we use the best material and quality stuff. We pack these products with high quality materials to avoid any damage. If a product isn’t good enough or damaged when it reaches you , don’t worry! We send it again.

All Inkgrid products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you have a problem with our service or one of our products let us know at support@inkgrid.com and we’ll do our best to make you happy or refund your money.