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6 Unique Ideas To Makeover Your Living Area Without A Dent On Your Pocket

09 Apr 16, 4:16 p.m.


Being a species with this high level of thinking capabilities we easily bore ourselves up with the surrounding. We constantly crave for something new, something different and something happening. This same thing applies for the place where we live Our House!


After sometime we start getting bored about the looks of it and we start planning to change or makeover, but we all know what comes in between it’s the hole that it is going to burn on our pocket and the drain of our hard earned money. Here we bring some really cool ideas about how to do the chic makeover without that ugly dent on your pocket.


The idea is to stick with the basics and play with color and avoid doing something abrupt in order to bring change.


-   Bring is the softest item on the list of designing materials, throw in some new pillows, bring in the different shape other than the         ones already present and go for the bright colors.


-   Loose that age old soft rug instead throw in the memory foam material hard rug with graphical and geometrical designs. Market is      filled with that puzzle type rugs these days so you can customize yourself and get a new pattern every other day.


-   Rather than buying the entire new set of sofa, it’s much better to rearrange them and create an intimate sitting area. Change the        pillow cases, throw a variety table cloth, and bring in the wooden flower vase and whatnot.


-   There no light more soothing that sunlight, arrange the space in such a manner that you can enjoy the calming light and cross              breeze too. Instead of solid full length curtains go for fishnet material, an excellent option providing both privacy and natural                  ventilation.


- Buying an entire set of furniture will suck down every penny you have, instead the         idea is to buy the small piece. Go for a rocking chair or an ottoman at a time. You         know what is going to make the things stand out? The contrast that you’ve used.           Primarily don’t stick with the colors you’ve right now in the room, go for the one             that makes a perfect contrast.






- There is something really good about the wooden benches on which we sit while we     are in the garden or something then why not bring it inside the room. The         wooden polished benches can go long way as they are easy to mobilize and cleaning is the  piece of cake.




Makeover is going to be easy if you plan for getting fancy items without throwing away the stuff you already have. There is a rule to makeover which goes like this “ONE IN ONE OUT”, whenever you bring something new throw away the that particular old piece of furniture, this way you can make your place new without cramming things inside it.




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