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Pendant lights: Hang it and let it create your mood

07 Mar 16, 5:07 a.m.

Pendant lights are the most modern and best suitable lighting source for today’s life. It’s so easy to hang it up on your ceiling and scatter the light all over the space. A pendant light is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a chain, cord, or metal rod. Sometime all you need is a natural light which suits best to your eyes. Every time you can’t stand overhead lighting that is too strong. Lighting choices are critically important for creating the vibe and mood you want at home. Pendant lights are always right on the money to brighten up your home with style.





Pendant lights are used for different purposes:

You can hang it up in a group of 5-10 pendant lights for the purpose of making it a party place. But when you hang it up in a collection of 5 or 10, always keep it in a mind of better spacing between them, so that light could disperse effectively and it doesn’t look clumsy. For example we can use this formula for the perfect spacing of pendant lights: If the island is 120" and the pendants are 10.5", then 120" - (3 x 10.5)/4 = 22.125". This is the distance you should space between pendants.



What is the perfect lighting for a kitchen? Is it a chandelier, recessed light or LED light? It all depends on the look and style what you want for your kitchen- but a popular light for kitchens are pendant lights. Pendant lights are used for kitchen which can be hanged in a straight line over kitchen countertops. It is always a smart lighting choice for your kitchen. Explore all the kitchen pendant lights with Inkgrid at http://www.inkgrid.com/pendant-lights/ and enjoy your mood while you are cooking.




Pendant lights for your dining area are the casual but elegant way to brighten your dinner, parties and daily meals alike. We offer thousands of drum styles, dome shaped, caged style, vase shaped and many more to decorate your home elegantly. You can find all the different varieties of pendant light at  http://www.inkgrid.com/pendant-lights/ to decorate your dining area in a new style. It also gives a new charm to the interior of your home.



Light dispersion of a Pendant light:


Light is dispersed down with the pendant light through the shade to the floor as well as up and across the ceiling. Before buying a light you should know all the basics of light dispersion and all, so that you can hang it up in a best place to get a better light and a soothing environment across your room. We always take care of good lighting design for your home by understanding the layers of light, which results in more glowing light with more energy saving in an efficient way. One more important thing you should keep in your mind before hanging it up on the ceiling that the more space you have between the top of the shade and the ceiling, the more light will be dispersed, which results in a much brighter room.


We give you the best online shopping platform to buy Pendant lights by considering an opportunity to express your style and create a mood for your space. With wide range of Inkgrid’s decorative Pendant lights our idea is that whatever the look around your home, you can illuminate your space beautifully anytime just with the selection of attractive and beautiful shaped Pendant lights by choosing it from the huge collection of pendant lights at http://www.inkgrid.com/pendant-lights/.

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