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Shot Glass

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Shot Glass:

Shop for Inkgrid Shot Glass Online

If you have love for collection of shot glasses look up for different varieties of shot glasses for your bar collection. Shop for these best prized party shot glasses online which are available on Inkgrid shot glass section under barware category like classy shot glass set, vintage style shot glasses, tequila shot glasses, liquor shot glasses, whiskey shot glass ounces. Shot Glasses are perfect gift for any occasion.

Customized Shot Glass Online                                             

To enhance your drinking experience and adding a classy touch varied kind of glasses are used, one of them are shot. While they come in a variety of styles and designs, almost every type allows the drinker to see the body and color of their drink. For the home bar, they are necessary glassware. With personalized shot glasses, the home bar owner can proudly display them to their guests. As you can be customized them. These shot glasses can also make a great gift for the home bar owner.                                          

Why Shot Glass and not Cups?

The size of the glass is also a great reason to use shot glass. Using normal glass or plastic party cups can lead to over pouring, thus wasting alcohol. Most shot glasses hold maximum of two ounces of liquid, which helps in cutting down on over pour and delivering just the apt amount to the drinker. Ranging from shotgun shell to sports inspired styles, our selection at Inkgrid shot glasses category of unique shot glasses will not only deliver a panache, but will also enhance your style statement.

Why Appropriate Shot Glass?

There is a ritual for taking shots in shot glasses - being presented with the shot glass, watching the sprit poured into the shot glass, picking up the full shot glass, gathering your courage, taking it in one shot and throwing a bit of it back. No matter what people says you, make no mistake -- having appropriate shot glasses are necessary for the best shot drinking experience.

Shot Glass Make Fun Gifts

A shot glass set makes a great gift for many occasions. For the new homeowners who host social gatherings, a shot glass set are appreciated as a housewarming gift. Have a wedding coming up or your beasties birthday? Many turns to personalized shot glasses as groom’s gift idea to mark the special day.

Size of a Typical Shot Glass

In general shot glasses have thick sides and bottom and it can hold maximum of two ounce of liquor. Before buying a shot glass, a buyer should have basic knowledge about the size and kind of shot glasses available in the market. It’s also important to be aware of the various styles in which shot glasses are made as well as other factors like what material they are made from. Besides the basic shot glasses, there are also, short shot glasses (one ounce), tall shot glasses (its more sleek and taller), fluted shot glasses (one with wider base) and cheater shot glasses (having an illusion that it can hold more liquor).  

Use Shot Glass For?

These sleek shot glasses bring the fun to any party make any area a bar with these fun shot glasses, casual additions to your personal bar collection. Great for all kinds of shots such as vodka, tequila, whiskey or scotch, bourbon or mixed cocktail shots.

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