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Are you running out of storage spaces for your house? Do you often find a lack of storage space in your bedroom, living room or kitchen? Do you need to expand your space without having to break down walls or making your living space more and more compact? If so, we have the perfect solution for you at Inkgrid.com.

Trendy and Spacious Bookshelves

Are you an avid reader who looks to indulge into several books at a time? Are you a person who has so many books that they keep lying around in the house the whole day? Do you need your life to more organized? If so, we present you with trendy bookshelves for you to expand your storage and keep all book in one place.

Huge Cabinet

With these cabinets installed in your house your will never run out of storage space. From small to large we provide you with the sized of different cabinets that you use and need. With these cabinets having so many drawers in them, you can always find space for your things.

Organized Chest of Drawers

With these chest of drawers in your bedroom you never have to dig deep into a cupboard to find your socks or handkerchief ever again as they provide you with lot of storage. These chest of drawers have so many drawers that all your needs and clothes are well organized and kept in one place without mixing up.

Modern Shoe Rack

With these foldable shoe rack you can find the place for your shoe in your house along with all your designer heels sport shoes to be kept in one place without getting them dirty. These modern looking shoe rack provide the best storage for your shoes and also make your room appear neat.

Functional TV Units

These TV Units when installed at your place will not only make you TV look bigger but provide you with proper viewing angle as well. These TV Units are functional and provide you with storage for DVD player, TV remotes, CDs, etc.

Best in class Wall Shelves

These wall shelves are not only for storage purpose but provide a trendy look to your walls in your living room or bedroom or pretty much anywhere you place them. These wall shelves will always help you keep your stuff in one place well organized and showy to all your neighbours.

Antique Wooden Wardrobe

To buy an antique wardrobe for your storage space does not require you to dig deep into your pockets any more. You can afford it right away and have tons of storage space for your bedroom. You can place these wardrobes in your bedroom to have a fresh look as well.