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Everyone needs tables in their house for several purposes and to be put at several places. These tables need to be properly sized and be also have some extra features and storage if required. They should look good and be useful as well. At Inkgrid.com, we provide you with the best available tables for your house.

Compact Centre table

The centre table’s provided by us at Inkgrid.com are perfect to be put into your living rooms without compacting your living space as well as provide extra storage space if required. These trendy looking table will add the best looks to your living room.

Two for Two Coffee table

Enjoy a good cup of Coffee or tea sitting around these tables with your partner. They can be placed anywhere as they are lightweight and colourful to meet the environment. These are the perfect tables for you to have at your place.

Perfect Console table

These console tables provided at Inkgrid.com provide you with the best storage space and keep all your stuff from living room or bedroom in a well organized way. To have a modern and also ancient look of your wooden cabinets, we provide you with the best available console tables.

Increasing Concentration Kid’s study table

Does your kid often get up and cannot focus during long hours of study? Well the tables provided by Inkgrid.com can solve these problems as they provide a decent coloured background to increase concentration of your child in order for him to focus more or academics.

Blend in Side Table

These side tables blend perfectly into the environment of your bedroom or living room. These side tables are the places where you can keep maximum of your stuff such as remotes, spectacles, books, lamps, etc.

Large Study Table

The study tables at Inkgrid.com provide you with large amount of study space for you to work in ease and continuously for hours without getting tired. These tables provide you with the best available drawer systems so that they are not stuck when you want them to work.

Best Table and Chair set

If you are searching for a proper set which is matching in all design ways a chair and table, you have come to the right place. The table and chair set provided at Inkgrid.com provide you with the best and most fashionable looks for your dining or living room. Also they can be placed in a large bedroom.